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History Of Hate Crimes: Abolishing Violence

by Jayson Johnson

There is a huge history of hate crimes against gays. Due to their sexual orientation, thousands of people become victims. There are hate crime laws in existence, but the perpetrators of these crimes simply do not care. These people often view what they are doing as a good or correct thing. They do not see it as hurting another person.

Many crimes that are committed against gays are never reported, so the statistics that reflect recent hate crimes are declining. Even more of these crimes are not even counted as hate crimes. Many people are fighting over whether or not these crimes against gays are really hate crimes.

Despite this thought, they are hate crimes. Thousands of people have become victims throughout the history of hate crimes. This country is built on equality, but thousands of people are getting hurt or killed for thinking and being different. Many times the people who commit these crimes are problematic, and have some version of homophobia.

If we listen to the history of hate crimes, we will realize that they never actually go away. Education is a big help to bring the number of hate crimes down, but we know they never totally cease. America's past is a lesson in this, and the sixties civil rights battle shows us that hate crimes will continue far into the future.

There has also been a marked decline in recent hate crimes due to the sheer fact of fear. Many victims do not report the crimes because they are afraid. A lot of people don't think that the police will act for the good of the gays, and so many people who have been victimized go into hiding and do not bring their crimes to the surface. This makes the whole problem worse.

People will give a multitude of excuses for the existence of "hate crimes". All of these listings boil down to intolerance. These could be disapproval of an alternate belief system, or distaste for the sexual and personal identity of others. Regardless of the stated reasons, both the source and the resulting violence are wrong. Rational individuals must be willing to do whatever is necessary to bring such hatred to a close.

The history of hate crimes against gays is staggering. While the nation itself has hate crime laws, many people who commit these crimes do not care. Statistics are showing that recent hate crimes are declining, but various experts believe that this is simply because most hate crimes against gays are not identified as hate crimes. There has also been a marked decline in hate crimes due to the sheer fact of fear. Many victims do not report the crimes because they are afraid. Despite the wide array of reasoning, all hate crimes are wrong.

Published March 11th, 2008

Filed in Government, Politics

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