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Best Fuel Mileage: How To Save Money On Gas

by Stephan Grindley

Changing your driving habits and maintaining your vehicle properly are some great ways to get the best fuel mileage for your car or truck. Individuals that are trying to save on gas need to find different ways to increase mpg and adjust their lifestyle accordingly in order to get the best fuel mileage possible for their car or truck.

The use of smaller and lighter cars allow money to be saved on gas. If families have various vehicle types at home, choosing to drive the compact sedan instead of the truck can reduce monthly gas expenses up to a half. Overtime, money will be saved by replacing large trucks, vans and SUVs with used compact cars for trips that don't require traveling with much people or gear.

If you want to save money on gas and drive your car less walking or riding a bike instead of driving can be very effective, and you'll be healthier. If you want to pick up groceries you could use a bicycle with a trailer hooked to it. You don't have to be in excellent shape to use you bike to save gas when you run errands.

You can save a lot of money on gasoline by buying a new hybrid vehicle, although it will cost you quite a bit of money up front. However, if you can shoulder that initial expense, you will find that hybrid vehicles are quite attractive. They have very high resale values, and you can get credits to apply against your taxes if you buy a hybrid vehicle.

If you know people who are working near you, you can save a lot buy carpooling with them to work. You can split the gas money and save quite a bit. If you live in an area where you can take public transportation you can save even more.

No matter the means of transportation, if it uses gas, there are certain steps that can be taken to obtain the best fuel mileage possible. Accelerating more slowly will save fuel, as will driving more slowly. Keeping current on vehicle maintenance will keep the engine operating at peak efficiency, and prevent expensive, inconvenient or dangerous mechanical failures. Finally, for all but a small percentage of older or high-performance engines, buying regular gasoline instead of premium will save money without decreasing performance.

If you want to save money on gas, you can do things to increase mpg while lowering the price of fuel you buy each week, as well as how much fuel you buy. To get the best fuel mileage and save on gas you need to do more than just drive a fuel efficient car. You should change the way you drive, make sure you take good care of your car, and make changes to your transportation routine. Accelerating slowly saves fuel, as does driving slower. Keeping up on vehicle maintenance keeps the engine running at peak efficiency and prevents mechanical breakdowns.

Published September 30th, 2008

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