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The Law of Attraction Exposed: Why People Don't Get What They Want

by Urbain Beck

It seems so easy: Ask, expect, and receive.

Some people will tell you they have a good life because of the Law of Attraction. Others try the Law of Attraction and experience nothing but apparent failure. Without meaningful results, they can't help but wonder if 'the Law of Attraction' is a load of nonsense.

There are reasons why the Law of Attraction does not seem to deliver all that it is supposed to deliver.

Expecting Instantaneous Results

One reason why the Law of Attraction may look like it is failing is that you might be expecting immediate results without doing the inner work. You have to realize that you are simply sending out positive energy surrounding a subject. You must trust Law of Attraction to send it back to you in its time.

What you are requesting is most likely something good that you're excited to receive, like a lump sum of money to pay an outstanding bill. You may find that you are nervously pacing the floor and asking exactly when it's going to manifest. When you're riddled with impatience, it may mean that you do not have faith that anything is going to come. You are just testing the waters and not willing to commit to the Law of Attraction.

The Universe May Have a Better Way

You might also be expecting the fulfillment of your wish to arrive in a specific way that seems to make sense to you. By way of example, you might ask for money. You are hoping that a relative suddenly has the urge to just give you a bunch of cash. This may be your conception of the Law of Attraction. However, if you are alert to the universe around you, you may discover another means of fulfillment of your request. An inspiration might be revealed to you that would bring you the money you desire. Implementing the idea might involve some work, but the end result would be the same ... the finances you asked for. If your outlook is positive, you will look upon this circumstance with gratitude and joy. By the Law of Attraction, acting on an inspired idea can only enhance the good in your life.

Giving Up Too Early

Another error people make in using the Law of Attraction is putting too much focus on their perception of the reality around them. When they see things that seem to prove that the Law of Attraction is not working, they quit believing. They get frustrated and their once-positive thoughts degrade into negative ones. This negative thinking will bring more of the same.

The fact of the matter is that if people genuinely understand the Law of Attraction and the science behind it, what appears to be going on in current 'reality' will have little influence on them. This is because they will have total belief and faith that the Law of Attraction has been working all along. What is happening in the beginning is only a manifestation of earlier bad energy.

Masters of the Law of Attraction realize that their new positive, focused thoughts will undoubtedly come to fruition.

Limiting Core Beliefs

Negative or limited beliefs instilled since childhood may be suffocating the good that the Law of Attraction can deliver. Many have strong emotions about things they consider to be too hard to conquer, or too much or too big to have.

A lot of this may be due to values taught in the past. If, during your entire childhood, you were told that prosperous people are disfavored by God, it creates a paradox when practicing the Law of Attraction to create abundance. For instance, you might intend to manifest wealth using the Law of Attraction but on a subconscious or emotional level, you are rejecting any wealth that may come your way because you do not want to be a bad person.

These feelings or subconscious drives have a tendency to cloud the positive energy that you send out using the Law of Attraction. Experts in the Law of Attraction have developed ways to release such emotions. These techniques allow a person to be free of negative vibes that have come from childhood or past experiences and to use the Law of Attraction without subconscious limitations. 'Mind Movies' are a promising new resource that can be easily used to reprogram the subconscious mind (see for details). People's experiences from Mind Movies have been incredible.

You really can have what you want, if properly using the Law of Attraction. It can become easy to master once you change the way you think and feel about things. If you can come to fully embrace the Law of Attraction, you can experience wonderful results from the Law of Attraction.

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Published March 23rd, 2008

Filed in Motivational, Psychology

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