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Answer to a Sad Question : Does Extenze Work. Can Corporations Lie?

by Robert Sinclair

Despite the popularity of Extenze as a male enhancement in late night informercials and day time commercials, the question of its effectiveness surfaces often on the net. It was revealed from studies that ExtenZe does not work for a number of reasons.

Male enhancement encompasses several different things: increase in penis sizes, quality and frequency of erection, increase in sexual appetite or libido. ExtenZe does not work as far as enlargement the penis goes; it only works to give superficial increase in penis size due to longer duration of erection.

Does ExtenZe work? Yes, it can lengthen the duration of one's erection and has the capability to increase sexual libido. But more often than not it even fails at that. But when it comes to increasing or enlarging the size of one's penis, does extenze work? Sorry to say but ExtenZe does not work. There is scientific evidence to prove this.

Until now, there is no scientific evidence that will point that male enhancement pills are proven to be effective in growing and increasing the size of the penis. However, as far as other areas of sex- like sexual performance, are concerned, male enhancement pills including the popular ExtenZe might be effective.

Men who are interested in taking male enhancement pills must understand that not all pills are created equal, and not all of them can deliver the same results. Men who want to enlarge their penis (who think that size in the only thing that matters in bed), should explore other methods to increase their penis size that are scientifically backed up and clinically proven, because taking these male enhance pills is a bad idea.

Think about it, if male enhancement pills like ExtenZe did work, then the whole male population would have bought the product and there would be no need for the makers to flood the viewers with all their informercials and commercials. The fact is, ExtenZe does not work. One will just get disappointed to have consumed the product and find that his penis is just the same size as it was prior to taking the pill.

The late night informercials and commercials of ExtenZe, no matter how grandiose, have fallen short of their promises. The fact that they employed known people in certain indusrtries as the main characters didn't help at all. Not much information about the scientific backing of the product were mentioned, it was more of a charade of people who couldn't even explicitly confirm that the pill does increases one's penis size. The only clear message that they did send was that penis size matters in bed, as if it was the most important thing for a guy to have. I think that's ridiculous!

Despite its popularity as a male enhancement pill, ExtenZe still leaves a lot of minds questioning whether or not it works. 'Does ExtenZe work' appears to have been a standard question that has gained almost similar popularity as the product itself.

ExtenZe does not work as a penis enlargement pill. There are other real and effective ways that will give permanent enlargement of the penis. On the internet, you will find some good stuff on how to enlarge one's penis naturally, of course you shouldn't trust the constant flood of spam, but rather educate yourself through the various authority web-site, such as the one mentioned on the bottom of the article. ExtenZe is simply just too good to be true. When one product appears too good to be true, in all probability it is.

Enigma of - Does extenze work has been resolved. case closed

Published December 23rd, 2008

Filed in Health

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