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How to Get Court Case History Online and in the Real World

by Frank Cooper

There are lots of reasons to look for court data. Perhaps you wish to research a person's criminal history before you engage him or her to care for your minors, work at your office or drive a company car. It could be that you want to explore your own history to determine what courtroom, criminal or other legal criminal records show up on you to other individuals. Nonetheless, there are a lot of ways to search for court case files both on-line and the old fashioned choices.

Before we delve into the different techniques, let us first discuss the different types of court data you could be searching for. There are county court records which can go from land deals and property taxation records to prison, police and different classes of criminal records. And Then there are state courtroom records. These can be both civilian and criminal in nature. The third most frequent type is national courtroom records. Once Again, these cases can be broken down into non-criminal and criminal and can include just about any matter thinkable.

Some individuals erroneously look for court records when they truly mean to search for vital records. Even though both are often housed in court rooms, they are not the same. Vital records are details such as birth certificates, records of death, wedding records and so on. If you need these records, you can usually get thorough directions for obtaining them on the county internet site in which the case occurred.

Ok, let us get back on the matter at hand - obtaining court of law records. Here are the three most common choices you can find them:

1. Go to the court house where the case was filed or the case was held. The majority of cases will be categorized public record meaning you will have a right to the recording. Commonly, just a nominal price is charged to compensate for publishing fees. Sometimes, this is the path to acquire free court public records, although this is seldom the instance.

2. Employ the World Wide Web to search court docket events on the internet. There are a number of directories online that provide links to individual court houses and records data sources on-line. Nevertheless, using Google or other search engines is the simplest means to find them. For instance, if you want to obtain court records from the a specific state, simply type "Texas court records" or whichever state you are searching into Google or your preferred research engine. There are also actually paid databases of court records open on the internet which can search county, state and national information sources for you. This option ordinarily runs $20 to $50 per lookup and is productive a lot of the time.

3. Hire a private investigator to do the search for you. This is out and away the most costly option, but it can be very handy if you are strapped for time or merely do not want to put in the effort yourself to get the data. The terms can range greatly depending on the size of the search. You can safely expect to spend several hundred bucks.

There you have it. If you want to turn up courtroom case data, employ one of the strategies above and you will most certainly locate the data you need.

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Published December 23rd, 2008

Filed in Government

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