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Choose A Motivational Speaker Host or Compere Your Audience Can Relate To

by John Bell

If you are organizing a convention or any sort of business meeting and need a motivational presenter, pick one who has a good sense of humour.

The most outstanding motivational speakers have comic talents and almost invariably incorporate humour and humorous anecdotes in their motivating talks to audiences at business events. Everybody, young or old, enjoys having a laugh.

Audiences have been trained from childhood to take pleasure in laughter. Learning how to smile is one of the first identifiable features displayed by newborns. In-fact the regular discharge of air from one's lungs is recognized as laughter in just a few weeks after birth. It is a primal type of basic human communication.

If you watch show-reel videos of a motivational speaker, compere or host of quality the audience will be always laughing.

A top motivational speaker, compere or host understands the psychology of humour. Mother Nature has already equipped young babies with a powerful tool that they can use to good advantage as a key factor in the art of human bonding and the building of special relationships and social cohesion that leads them into adulthood. Watch a top motivational speaker, compere or host at work and you will understand better why they are always in great demand.

You can always expect that a motivational event host, speaker or compere who is at the top of their profession to produce 100% quality 100% of the time.

To reach the top as an event host or compere they must be extremely experienced with a proven ability to entertain.

Consideration of what is or is not a humorous speaker is considered by most as being totally subjective. A motivational speaker, compere or host is likely to be slightly provoking, and will generate different reactions from different people in the audience. Yet very quickly they befriend delegates and will have them laughing in their seats.

Engage an experienced motivational compere or host for your event and you will better understand why audiences consider such speakers to be great observers of human behaviour. It is this skill that makes them humorous.

When a motivational speaker makes others laugh is a masterful skill that can change lives. A motivational speaker, compere or host who can get the audience laughing is usually seen as being a charismatic, humorous presenter who is highly admired in society.

To conclude I want to give you an easy way to find the best motivational, event host, compere or speaker for your meeting. Use a search engine to locate that which you seek and then watch them in action. If they are not offering show reel videos of them performing ask yourself why!

John Bell works worldwide as a compere, host and speaker providing motivational keynote speeches designed to inspire & entertain his international audiences. Watch videos of John at JOHN BELL'S WEBSITEA former professional stage hypnotist and stand up comedian with a Master of Education degree he EDU-TAINS & offers an 'all in' international fee.

Published February 23rd, 2009

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