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Mayor Alfredo Lim Accused Ali Atienza As Drug Addict

by Joel Dumayog

Candidates Lim and Atienza had a debate last April 22, 2010 at the Polo Club Mayoral Debate spearheaded by the Rotary Club of Manila. Various social issues were tackled by the competing candidates during the debate. When the discussion went to the issue of drugs, Lim noted his accomplishments against drug trade and use during his tenure as the city mayor. Lito Atienza, Lim's opponent for the election, was unconvinced of Lim's statements following the arrest of Lim's son for selling drugs.

The son of Alfredo Lim, Manuel Lim was busted for selling illegal drugs in 2008 by the authorities. Manila mayor Alfredo Lim, admitted that his son was busted by the PDEA in 2008, but denied helping his son. In order to divert the issue, Lim pointed the accusation of drug use towards Ali Atienza, the son of his opponent and a national and international taekwondo competitor. Ali Atienza, who was in the audience, said to Lim that his accusations was impossible considering that he was an international athlete who complied with the strict drug testing procedures prior to competing in the taekwondo arena.

Embarassed with his accusation, Lim tried to come out clean by saying that it was former vice mayor Lacuna who said that Ali was a drug addict. Ali in defense of himself outlined to Lim his clean track record.The mayor, humiliated by his actions, spoke no further as the moderators of the program appeased both parties. Lito Atienza on the other hand, kept his cool and went on with the debate despite his son being accused by his competitor as a drug user.

The debate ended in a detached manner, with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim trying to redeem himself from the embarrassing accusation he dropped against Ali Atienza. He might have dug his grave for he forgot that the audience was a thinking crowd of professional Rotarians. With his mediocre means of campaigning, Lim usually pleases the city's usual crowd but he must have considered that what he was facing during that time were professional individuals who can be critical about his actions. It is just sad to see how a low and unintelligent debate like this can go. Considering that these candidates are educated, people were expecting an intellectual discussion from them to prove their capabilities to lead.

After the incident, Ali Atienza noted in front of the media that he would be pressing charges against the libelous allegations of Lim. During an interview, the son of Lito Atienza said that as an athlete who has represented the Philippines in many international competitions, it was hurtful for him to be accused of being a drug addict. He also said that he worked hard to be on the top of his game, and it was really foul for a mayor to come into a ridiculous accusation against a former athlete, who before competing, needs to comply with strict drug testing procedures. Even after the election, Atienza is decided to file charges against Lim to protect his reputation.

As election 2010 is just around the corner, it has been a norm for candidates to speak something negative against their competitors. This practice has been around for ages, and has since served as a means to drag their competitors down. However, for the candidates, they must also realize that by doing this they are also tarnishing their own reputation in the process. For the record, the public is now tired of drama, what is important is to walk the talk, and not just to talk and talk.

With the election 2010 coming, the Rotary Club of Manila held a mayoralty debate at the Manila Polo Club. Mayoralty candidates Alfredo Lim and Lito Atienza attended the said program. However, what appears to be a simple debate turned sour after Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim accused the son of his opponent, Ali Atienza, a drug user. The allegation directed by Lim caused a bit of hysteria among the audience, and angered the young Atienza and their family's supporters.

Published April 22nd, 2010

Filed in Politics

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