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Unleashing Your Sensuality Through Boudoir Photography

by frederick talactac

Photography is perhaps one of the art forms that best encapsulate human emotions. This art form has its own special excitement that has the power to change even the most lifeless entity into the most visually aesthetic subject, which makes it a challenging endeavor to take. While almost all objects today can be regarded as subjects for photography, women remain as one of the most interesting subjects for any photographer. As a matter of fact, it is photographing women that made it possible for females to emerge from the physical confines of their homes.

Under the semblance of photography, women were able to emerge from their private worlds into a quite different public space. This is especially true in the case of Boudoir photography, which has been gaining popularity in the field of portraiture. Boudoir is a genre in photography wherein the subjects are usually women, but can also be done by men, in provocative or sexually suggestive poses or setting that may contain little or no nudity at all. It is totally different from erotic photography as it focuses more on the aesthetic qualities of the subjects as well as the artistry of the process rather than the sexually stimulating concept of the portrait.

The term boudoir is derived from the French word "bouder" which literally means to pout. However, throughout history boudoir has been used to refer to private rooms such as sitting room, dressing room but more importantly the bedroom. Such uses of the term resulted for the concept of photographing women in their bedrooms to emerge, which is why boudoir could also be referred to as "bedroom photography," although it can also be carried out in different private settings. Even though term boudoir was used in the later parts of photography history, this genre has been around since the earliest photographic process and is in fact the precursor of pinup portraiture of the 1940s and 1950s.

Usually, women who serve as the subjects of boudoir photography are not actually models. They are everyday women who artistically poses for the camera in order to show a different dimension of themselves. The main idea is to unleash their inner sensuality to show another side of themselves without actually taking their clothes off and instead use sexually provoking poses to express their emotions. Unlike erotic photos that are usually digitally manipulated to achieve perfection, boudoir leaves a room for the bodily flaws of the subject to be visible in order to heighten the realism of the image.

Boudoir photography is becoming a hot trend in portraiture. Oftentimes, the photo shoot is commissioned by the subject but its purposes differ from one client to another. For example, a wife might give the finish product as an anniversary gift to her husband who's working in a different country, or perhaps a young man would use the portrait to audition for a magazine's centerfold. No matter their reasons for commissioning such photo shoot, boudoir is certainly a good means to develop self confidence in front of the camera without worrying about individual flaws.

In Southern California, modern boudoir was introduced six years ago and has since been gaining a wide following especially from women. If you are living in Orange County and you'd like to have your own mini-fashion shoot to immortalize your sensuality, you can easily find an Orange County photographer that specializes in boudoir, but before you touch that dial make sure to do your own background check in order to ensure that the photographer of your choice would give you your expected results. Succinctly, boudoir is a genre of photography that celebrates the sensuality of women, giving them the opportunity to exhibit a different side of themselves that gives them more confidence and self-esteem.

Every woman would like to have a self-portrait that would capture her sensuality. Boudoir photography is a good way to achieve such goal. This process of photographing women is an artistic means that could turn the girl-next-door into a sexy and confident pinup girl. In California, this genre of photography is now becoming a widespread practice. So, if you want to have your own self-portrait better speak with an Orange County Photographer now to set that boudoir photo shoot for you.

Published July 22nd, 2010

Filed in Motivational

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