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Treating Brontophobia, The Fear Of Thunderstorms With Hypnosis And NLP

by Alan Densky

Brontophobia is a common fear that a great number of folks around the globe struggle with; the fear of lightning and thunder. For as long as this condition has been around, we have been looking for methods to fight it. Currently there is a variety of treatment choices in use. To help vanquish this phobia, experts call for certain hypnosis techniques that are shown effective in alleviating fears and anxiety.

Brontophobia sufferers possess an abnormal fear of thunder and lightning. Loud, booming thunder and flashes of lightning can spark nervousness and panic attacks in brontophobia sufferers. Other signs include an increased heartrate, perspiring, and an intense sensation of fear, which increases until a person becomes ill.

The fear of lightning and thunder starts early for many people, when as children, we cower under the covers during a bad storm. The phobia can be especially hard on young children. Many frightened children feel helpless during bad weather, and their parents may also feel helpless to relieve their phobia.

Even in spite of its frequency in adolescents, the fear of storms can be triggered at any time, often after a person has an unpleasant experience such as getting an electric shock, which recalls a lightning strike. A traumatic experience such as surviving a natural disaster may also create a phobia of thunderstorms.

An individual may come to link loud sounds, the feeling of pain, or shock with thunder and lightning, which may lead to a major phobia. Brontophobia is so widespread that it is even seen in many animals; for example, many pet owners notice that their pets seem upset in inclement weather.

Brontophobia sufferers try to avoid the sights and sounds of storms. People may experience nervousness during storm disasters such as floods. This can endanger them if they are unable to function under circumstances which calls for them to stay calm and respond rationally.

Brontophobia sufferers frequently hate storm season, often struggling in summer when thunderstorms occur frequently. They might obsessively check weather reports and behave extra cautiously during periods of bad weather. To people without a phobia, these behaviors may seem obsessive and paranoid. People with brontophobia may find this fear gradually taking over their lives.

There are many techniques available for relieving brontophobia and other phobias. Common ones include talk therapy, anti-anxiety medication, and hypnosis. Hypnosis tends to offer safer, quicker results and it is non-invasive, having no harmful side effects. For these reasons and others, hypnosis is a widely used therapy.

Hypnosis therapy is notable as a class of relaxation therapy and has long been used for this purpose. By starting with relaxation techniques, hypnosis helps tense, anxious phobia sufferers initiate the process of healing. When a person is feeling tranquil, it is easier for hypnosis techniques to guide the unconscious mind into a fear-free thought process.

The vast majority of phobias are connected to negative triggers, which become linked to fear inside the unconscious mind. For brontophobia sufferers, the rumble of thunder, the sight of lightning, or even the sight of clouds often triggers a deep fear. Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) work at the unconscious level of the mind to disconnect fear from these triggers to provide powerful phobia relief. One of the most successful techniques is named the NLP Visual/Kinesthetic Disassociation.

Ericksonian hypnosis is a type of hypnosis that is frequently used to treat fears. Named for its creator, Dr. Milton Erickson, MD, this type of approach uses indirect suggestions embedded in conversation, stories, and metaphors to eliminate a phobia. Indirect suggestions work better than conventional direct suggestions because we tend to reject direct orders. Those which indirectly communicate to the mind are better able to help people to overcome their fears.

NLP techniques and Ericksonian hypnosis have another advantage over other hypnosis programs because they are designed to treat any phobia. Thus, one program is usable for treating any phobia, or even multiple phobias if required. Furthermore, each program uses a variety of techniques to be effective for anybody.

Hypnosis therapy is the best treatment option for countless people, which offers quick and permanent results. Hiding under the sheets and feeling scared is not the way a brontophobia sufferer should have to live. Using hypnosis and NLP techniques, virtually everyone can overcome this serious fear.

Alan B. Densky, CH has been eliminating irrational fears using Hypnosis & NLP since 1978. He offers phobia treatment hypnosis and NLP MP3s plus a broad range of NLP MP3 downloads for stress & depression related symptoms. Visit his website for free NLP downloads.

Published September 1st, 2010

Filed in Health, Psychology

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