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Wilds Doesn't Mean Worn-Out: Captivating Farm Bedding Sets In Your Little One's Leafy Shelter

by Cecelia Kelsi-Brown

A favorite among readers, Little House on the Prairie, Laura In-galls Wilder's classic that spans multiple books, recalls her family's trials, escapades and travails during their journey from across the Great Plains to their destination of De Smith South Dakota. Hence its title - "Farmer Boy".

Those who have read the books will recognize the character Armando's trials and tribulations as he grew up on the farm. His antics have translated into great decorations for new baby boy's rooms in farm nursery bedding. Don't toss out the idea of a farm motif for your son's nursery just because you might live in the city or suburbs. The variety styles and colors of farm themed baby bedding gives an impression of nursery for a home.

Perhaps you aren't thrilled at the idea about filling your little boy's room with cliched baby chicks with their mother hen or a line of identical baby ducks following their mother, but farm and barnyard themes have greatly advanced from those overdone motifs so that you will enjoy shopping for imaginative and naturally presented farm animal baby boy crib bedding. Bean themes and candy themes are the leading designs that offer farm baby bedding patterns on them.

There is a charming six piece crib set marketed by bean themes called hampshire valley. This easy to match with multi-colored pattern utilizes gingham and other comfy fabrics to present many barnyard animals and peacefully grazing sheep. On The Farm is an outstanding four piece set by candy themes which places barns and cattle on a mostly parchment colored background that will fit with any decor.

Candy themes and bean themes are just a couple of the excellent designs offering a stunning array of farm-themed nursery linen sets for purchase on the web, both great options for starting your search for your little one's farm patterned baby bedding. You may be surprised to find that going with an agricultural theme can actually save you money because many of the bedding sets that match the theme include coordinating blankets.

You can find many baby bedding ensembles with a farm settings that retail for less than $200.00, and there are larger sets which have additional matching items like diaper stackers. It has been observed that baby boys like farm theme bedding in their nursery. However many parents are a little reluctant about the farm theme, but if they could buy one they will feel good about after seeing their baby happily snoring down to sleep.

Cecelia Kelsi-Brown is a writer for Baby Bedding Zone, an online retailer of baby bedding, including a wide selection of baby boy bedding and farm baby bedding.

Published September 25th, 2010

Filed in Family

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