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How to Get the Power of Advanced Cosmic Ordering to Work For You

by Evelyn Grazini

You've probably heard of cosmic ordering or watched The Secret, or use the Law of Attraction on a daily basis. But if not, you need to know that if you learn how to tell the Universe what you want, you can easily manifest it into reality.

Religious people understand the theory of asking (praying) for what they want. Others understand the concept that if you don't ask, you probably won't get! And it's almost that simple with the theory of cosmic ordering - although it's not a theory, it's a proven scientific fact that you CAN get what you want!

Have you ever been told to wish upon a star? What that's sort of like putting in your cosmic order. You need to be absolutely what you wish for, and specific enough for the Universe to get the order right.

Here is an easy example to explain the cosmic ordering system. Let's say you have a job but are thinking about starting your own business. You start doing research and get all excited. But then you get scared about the thought of giving up your fixed income while you're building your business. It's likely that nothing will go well until you make a final decision on which road you will take. Your cosmic order cannot be placed until you know EXACTLY what you want!

Cosmic ordering will only work when you know exactly what you want (in this case, either the job OR the business), and are certain you will get it. Going one way the next is like driving down the road with no destination in mind. For one, you won't know which way to turn, and for another, you'll never know when you get there.

If you're sure that a job is really where you need to be right now, maybe your cosmic ordering system should include getting a promotion, or finding another company to work for. It might be good to get some help on the whole process, and that's where the advanced cosmic ordering system can help. You can't just order, you need to do things in the RIGHT order.

Maybe this explanation of cosmic ordering is too simplistic. There is a little more to it than just putting an order in, but the first step is in drilling down to what you want out of life; the second is doing the right things in the right order to make sure you get it.

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Published October 12th, 2010

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