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Establishing an Anti Aging Skin Care Routine early on will keep you Young

by Martha Fitzharris

Whoever said that 40 was the new 30 didn't pass it on to their doctors, in fact, most doctors consider anyone over 35 to be "of advanced age." This classification goes for your skin as well. But don't despair because you can take steps to help deal with the aging process.

First, you need to re-train your brain to understand that effective skin care is started early on in life. For as obvious as it may sound, skin is always aging. So, formulating a good skin care routine is vital to keep your skin youthful and as wrinkle-free as possible.

As an adolescent you should acquire the habit of daily cleansing. This means that you need to wash your face with the appropriate products twice a day and follow up with toner and moisturizer. As you age, your skin will acquire different skin problems, such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. In order to treat them you can continually add the appropriate products to minimize the effects of time.

If you are very expressive and use your facial gestures to communicate with those around you then you may notice face and eye wrinkles even when your peers still have smooth skin. If this is the case, it is advisable to begin using anti wrinkle treatments as early as your mid and late twenties. If your skin is still in good condition, you may be able to postpone the use of the products until your mid thirties.

In your thirties, you should start exfoliating more frequently to help increase cell turnover. Try exfoliating twice a week (more if you have oily skin) to get the best results. You might even start thinking about a good wrinkle cream that you can use all over your face.

As you get older, make sure that the products you purchase are gentle enough for your skin. There are many products on the market that are especially geared towards more mature skin.

Anti wrinkle creams are an important part of your aging skin care routine. The best wrinkle cream should include ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid. Soothing ingredients such as licorice extract with help alleviate inflammation which is common in older skin.

Apply your wrinkle cream during the nighttime to avoid possible deactivation of ingredients caused by solar exposure. During the day use a moisturizer with sun protection to minimize sun damage.

Eliminating and avoiding bad habits can also contribute to a healthier looking skin.

Both smoking and sun bathing are bad habit that you should avoid. You need to understand. Tanning is nothing more than voluntary sun damage while smoking leads to thinner and more vulnerable skin.

Establishing a regular aging skin care routine early on will help you maintain healthy and youthful skin.

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Published January 20th, 2012

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