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Vladimir Von Valdepenas: His Mark on his City

by Robert Jolina

Our actions have been making our environment suffer these days. There would be litter and pollution everywhere. However, most of us don't do anything about this which makes it worse than it already is. These actions bring global warming, floods and other calamities, making us suffer just as much as Mother Nature is.

These calamities have taken family members from other people. Of course, these would bring distraught to everyone and we all want to avoid this to happen. Despite that being said, only a few people do something about it. One of these people who strive to make the environment better is Vladimir Valdepenas.

Vladimir Valdepenas is part owner of various companies which makes him a successful entrepreneur. Companies that he partly own are Baseline Unlimited Inc., a company that serves IT solutions, and Summit Technology, a company that provides medical transcription. In addition, he owns a bus line called Vladimir Lines or V1 bus lines which consists of 15 buses that provides special trips. He also served the country as a politician during his term as a councilor of Los Banos, Laguna.

Vladimir Valdepenas fought for both the environment and youth. His programs were devoted on how to solve problems that destroy the youth and the surroundings. His flagship programs include anti-drug campaigns, sports programs, job fairs and trainings and seminars for the youth. He also volunteered for Home for the Angels, Gawad Kalinga and Junior Chamber International.

He mostly focused on keeping the environment in Los Banos healthier. He fought for the plastic ban and established an eco-waste processing center together with Vice-Governor Caesar Perez. With the eco-waste processing center, it would be helpful with solid waste management as well as with recycling plastic waste. On 2011, the House of Representatives finally approved the Plastic Regulation Act of 2011, which would require the phase out of non-biodegradable plastic bags and the placement of plastic bag recovery bin on various stores.

The former councilor, together with Vice-Governor Caesar Perez, helped institutionalized the Banamos Festival in the city. This festival highlights the natural wonders of the town and its products. It also aims to showcase the community spirit and the people's pride of the city. People of Los Banos and some from Calamba Laguna still celebrates this festival annually.

It's rare to find a politician like Vladimir Valdepenas who serves the country for the benefit of both the country and the people. He should be an example for all the cities in the country, not just close ones like Calamba Laguna.

Published October 14th, 2012

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